Supreme Court:
Agreement within five days or release infiltrators

Judge's ultimatum: If agreement to deport infiltrators to 3rd state not approved within 5 days, infiltrators must be released from Saharonim

Mordechai Sones ,

Infiltrators protesting in Tel Aviv
Infiltrators protesting in Tel Aviv
Flash 90

The Supreme Court today ordered five days for the state to complete contacts with the third-party country, Uganda, to absorb infiltrators deported from Israel.

The judges ruled that if the agreement with Uganda is not approved within five days by the Attorney General, the State would have to release all infiltrators intended for deportation from the Saharonim facility.

The State had submitted a response to the Supreme Court Thursday on the arrangement with the third country to which illegal infiltrators would be deported.

According to the state's response, a special envoy left for Uganda Wednesday morning and the Attorney General believed there to be high probability of fulfilling conditions required for deportation to that country, but a short period of time was needed to complete the investigation.

Saharonim Prison - isolated camps in desert
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