Attorney General vs. Olmert: 'Moral flaw'

Mandelblit attacks former PM, uncertain whether even expunged criminal record would allow him to re-enter politics.

Mordechai Sones ,

Olmert: "Moral flaw"
Olmert: "Moral flaw"
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Attorney General Dr. Avihai Mandelblit attacked former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert this evening, following his remarks against law authorities upon publication of his book.

Mandelblit spoke about the launching of the book The Bribery Crimes by Dr. Maor Even-Chen, published by the Economic Society of the Israel Bar Association. He did not mention Olmert by name but referred to his remarks: "I regret statements made by those convicted of corruption offenses, that included harsh attacks on former law enforcement officials; they deserve every condemnation."

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The Attorney General also hinted at Olmert's request to erase the criminal record against him, and hinted that "commission of the offenses can impose a moral defect and may preclude holding public office."

The Attorney General believes it not at all certain the request to expunge his record, even if accepted, would pave the way for Olmert's return to politics.

"In this context, as the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Yosef Ginossar z"l, during which the question of his moral fitness to serve in public office was discussed... preclusion from serving in public office on moral grounds can arise even when the President of the State decides to grant a pardon," he added.