Jeremy Corbyn ignores Hamas' role in Gaza riots

Jeremy Corbyn calls for review of arms sales to Israel over Gaza border riots.

JTA, Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

British Labour Party head Jeremy Corbyn called for a review of arms sales to Israel in a message condemning what he claimed were “illegal and inhumane” actions against Gazans rioting on the Gaza-Israel border.

The message was read Saturday at a demonstration in support of the Gazans outside of the prime minister’s office on Downing Street and posted on Corbyn’s Facebook page.

“The killing and wounding of yet more unarmed Palestinian protesters yesterday by Israeli forces in Gaza is an outrage,” the Facebook post read. “They have a right to protest against their appalling conditions and the continuing blockade and occupation of Palestinian land, and in support of their right to return to their homes and their right to self-determination. Firing live ammunition into crowds of unarmed civilians is illegal and inhumane and cannot be tolerated.”

“The UK government must support the UN Secretary-General’s call for an independent international inquiry into the killing of protesters in Gaza and review the sale of arms that could be used in violation of international law.”

The message came a day after nine Gazans, including a so-called journalist, were killed while rioting at the border with Israel, the second Friday in a row of so-called March of Return protests.

Some 10,000 tires were burned during the protests, under whose cover some protesters threw rocks and firebombs at Israeli soldiers and attempted to damage and breach the border fence into Israel, the IDF reported. The IDF said it fired shots and used riot control methods to stop protesters from breaching the border fence.

The IDF also thwarted a shooting attack.

Corbyn's post did not mention the Hamas terrorist organization which runs Gaza.

Corbyn called Hezbollah and Hamas his “friends” in 2009 and said it was an honor to host representatives from those terrorist groups in parliament.

In 2016 he said he “regretted” making those remarks.

His statement comes days after the Jewish community agreed to meet with him to discuss removing anti-Semitism from his party and after attending a Passover seder organized by a left-wing Jewish group that openly calls for Israel’s destruction.