Samaria celebration was 'heartwarming'

Hundreds of Israelis celebrate Pesach by attending festive event at Kumi Ori in Samaria.

Orly Harari ,

Passover event at Kumi Ori
Passover event at Kumi Ori
Shlomo Malat

Hundreds of Israelis from all over Israel, including the parents of dozens of hilltop youth, participated in a festive Pesach (Passover) event in "Kumi Ori," located near Yitzhar in Samaria.

Four young families, as well as a group of youth, live in Kumi Ori.

Didiya Stein, a resident of Ra'anana who immigrated to Israel from France, addressed the parents of the hilltop youth.

"We are very proud of your son and his friends, who are here and settling Israel," he said. "They are working to find the correct ways to expand the settlements."

"We immigrated to Israel, and we live in the center of the country, but our children have already moved here. These youth are important, and they work day and night for the Land of Israel. They deserve great appreciation."

Yitzhar's Rabbi David Davidkovich spoke about the early days following Yitzhar's founding twenty-five years ago.

"Building the first hill seemed to be a faraway dream," he said. "Joseph the Righteous was a dreamer, too. Thank G-d, in the merit of the pioneers' dedication, one neighborhood after another was built, each a spot of light settling Israel, Torah, and fear of G-d."

"The event was festive and enjoyable, and it warms our heart to see all the people who came," said Elisha Yered, who starred in an Israeli documentary titled "The Last Hill."

Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan said, "Besides for the everyday difficulties, this neighborhood undergoes a lot of harassment by Arabs and left-wing organizations. The pioneer families who live here, and especially the women, deserve special praise."

The event was organized by Yitzhar residents and hilltop youth, together with the Ari Yishag organization, which works to bring yeshiva students to the hilltops. Hilltop youth manned all of the games and kiosks, for hundreds of children. The event ended with a performance by singer Harel Tal, and participants received a saltshaker with the words "Hilltop Youth - The Salt of The Land."