Watch: Terrorists attempt to break down Gaza fence

IDF releases footage of attempts to damage, break through security fence after Hamas says 1 killed in clashes.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

terrroist attacks security fence
terrroist attacks security fence
IDF spokesperson

Violent riots took place throughout the day (Tuesday) in four locations along the Gaza Strip, in which dozens of Arabs participated.

IDF forces used crowd dispersal measures and fired at suspects who attempted to breach the perimeter fence.

The IDF Spokesperson's Office stated that "the IDF will not allow damage to the security and fence infrastructures that protect Israeli citizens and will act against terrorists involved in this."

The documentation shows a group of terrorists operating in the Gaza Strip violently attempt to damage and cross through the fence. An IDF force responded by firing at the terrorists, and according to reports from the Hamas-controlled health ministry in Gaza, one of the terrorists was killed.