Tefillin thrown in garbage found in recycling park

Maid throws tefillin in garbage, but family members don't despair; with help of family and friends tefillin located at Hiriya site.

Mordechai Sones ,


A resident of Modi'in Illit lost his pair of tefillin on Passover eve. A brief check with the family revealed that the non-Jewish maid mistakenly threw the tefillin into the garbage during holiday cleaning.

At this point however it was too late to search for the tefillin in the street dumpster, since the municipal garbage truck had already cleared the garbage in his neighborhood and made its way to the Hiriya recycling park southeast of Tel Aviv.

Flash 90

The person who helped find the tefillin was Modi'in Illit municipality sanitation department head Yitzhak Lermer.

According to Behadrei Haredim, which reported the incident, the truck driver was asked not to dump the garbage but wait for the family and friends at Hiriya's entrance.

At the family's request, the garbage was dumped in a separate area and a few hours later the tefillin were located between the mountains of garbage to the tefillin owner's joy.