Inna Rogatchi sends a fine art photo message for Passover

Inna Rogatchi sends a fine art photo message for Passover from the Kotel.

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Rogatchi: Passover message from the Kotel
Rogatchi: Passover message from the Kotel
Inna Rogatchi

Dr. Inna Rogatchi is a well-known fine art photographer and artist, and also an internationally known writer, film-maker, scholar, historian and public figure. She is the author of "The Lessons of Survival," the internationally acclaimed film on Simon Wiesenthal, and many essays, some of which, such as her recent articles on the Polish Holocaust issue, were written for Arutz Sheva.

Photo essays by the couple have also been featured on Arutz Sheva.

The Rogatchi Foundation has supported the State of Israel since its establishment, including organizing special International Art Solidarity Campaigns, contributing paintings to the Jerusalem Municipality and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, films and materials to Yad Vashem, and supporting Jewish orphans.

In January 2018, the Foundation completed a special art donation to the Rambam Medical Care Center in Haifa, Israel. The donation is in loving memory of the couple's daughter, Yenike Julia Rogatchi, a talented, budding young artist who loved Israel devotedly, and who died of cancer in her early teen years.

Dr. Rogatchi has sent Arutz Sheva her new Passover message with permission to post and to wish a happy and peaceful Passover holiday to all.

Attribution: Inna Rogatchi (C). Kotel. The Message. Fine Art Photography. Special Art Design by Inna Rogatchi. Original Kotel Stones in the Alvar Aalto mould-blown turquoise glass vase. Unique. 2017-2018.