Itamar resident arrested for possessing 3 illegal aircraft

Judea and Samaria resident found to illegally possess two helicopters and an airplane, as well as a private camouflaged runway.

Tzvi Lev ,

One of the illegal helicopters
One of the illegal helicopters
Police Spokespersons Unit

Border Police confiscated a second helicopter and an airplane from a Judea and Samaria resident, after he was arrested earlier this week for flying a helicopter without a license.

On Tuesday, Border Police officers received complaints of a man flying a helicopter near Qalandiya without a license. After arresting the man, police began to suspect that the helicopter they confiscated was not the only one and raided his house in the Samarian community of Itamar.

Police discovered a concealed aircraft hanger with another illegal helicopter, along with a small airplane. In addition, he had built a camouflaged runaway which he used to take off and land without being detected by authorities.

The suspect was arrested, and his helicopters and airplane were confiscated. Police are investigating how he managed to illegally possess three aircraft in Israel's tightly-regulated aviation industry.

"With his behavior, the suspect risked civilian and military airliners in Israel's airspace by not only flying without a license and with aircraft failing to meet the required criteria but also taking off, flying and landing in areas that did not have any permits," police said in a statement.