Civil Administration strikes, Arabs pave illegal roads

Samaria Arabs take advantage of lax enforcement during strike to carry out illegal excavation causing environmental damage.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

illegal construction
illegal construction

Arabs in Samaria have taken advantage of the ongoing Civil Administration strike by beginning large-scale quarrying work near the road leading from Modi'in to the towns of western Binyamin in Samaria, apparently for the purpose of establishing a new illegal neighborhood in the village of Shukba.

The works are located only a few hundred yards from the Israeli community Na'ale.

Civil Administration employees recently launched a strike because of a dispute over the terms of their employment. The inspection division of the Civil Administration has also been affected, a fact which Arab construction contractors have taken advantage of.

When the quarrying began several weeks ago, the Regavim organization, which monitors illegal Arab building on state land, sent a request to the Civil Administration to stop the work at an early stage, prior to the start of construction, and to prevent irreversible damage to the environment.

Although the Civil Administration ordered the cessation of all work at the beginning of the week, quarrying work continued today, Wednesday, and an illegal road was also breached with a bulldozer.

In response, Regavim sent another letter to the Civil Administration demanding that it take steps to supervise and enforce the law and act to confiscate the tools, and to immediately transfer the details of those involved in the illegal construction so that a complaint may be filed against them.