Knesset sells its chametz

Knesset speaker, Director-General sell all chametz owned by Knesset ahead of Passover.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Knesset sells its chametz
Knesset sells its chametz
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The Knesset has sold its chametz, or leavened products, ahead of the Passover holiday, as mandated by Jewish law which forbids the owning of chametz during the week of the festival..

The Director-General of the Knesset, Albert Sakharovitz, held the sale Tuesday morning together with the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Aryeh Stern, and Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein.

During the meeting and sale, the three discussed the question of whether the Knesset should, from a halakhic point of view, also sell the chametz in the offices of the various MKs.

At the end of the event, Rabbi Stern congratulated the Knesset Speaker and the Director General for the sale, saying, "Just as you have merited removing the Knesset's chametz , may you be able to remove the chametz from your hearts and be complete and well. Have a happy and healthy Passover."