'Meeting Rabbi Sacks was like something from a Talmudic tale'

Rabbi Benny Lau speaks about Pesach and his meeting with London's Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rabbi Benny Lau
Rabbi Benny Lau
Eliran Baruch

Rabbi Benny Lau spoke to Arutz Sheva about his meeting in London with Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

"I had the privilege to meet Rabbi Jonathan Sacks in London," he said. "It's like a tale from the times of the Amora'im, the Sages from the Talmudic days that used to be in two central areas."

"To move to London, to meet Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, it's not just a personal meeting, it's a meeting of cultures."

Speaking about Pesach (Passover) preparations, Rabbi Lau said, "I feel this year that we are talking about the spectrum, the spectrum of the Jewish people, that each one, in a different point...all of us, sharing together a path...of Am Israel (the Jewish nation), Am Israel with a story, with a story remembering the past, dreaming about the future, and living, trying to live now, in the present time, with understanding the differences between us, but more than that understand that we need to find place in our hearts to find the way to our brother on the left and right sides."

Turning to his viewers, Rabbi Lau encouraged them to "sit around the table with your family, with your kids, with your grandchildren, and try to bring the story. We are a nation with a story.... Tell your story. Don't give up... Tell the story to the next generation," so that the story of the Jewish people "will continue from generation to generation."