Austin police say bombing suspect recorded 25-minute confession

23-year-old, suspected of terrorizing Texas residents with explosive packages​ for several weeks, recorded 25-minute confession.

Mordechai Sones ,

Mark Anthony Conditt
Mark Anthony Conditt

Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, who planted six bombs that killed two people and injured several others, some seriously, in Austin, Texas in recent weeks, left a 25-minute video confession on his cell phone, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said at a press conference.

Police found the recording in which Conditt described building the seven explosive devices, including the one he activated in his car during his final confrontation with police officers.

Conditt described the bombs in detail and also described the differences between them in a precise manner that matches police findings.

According to Manley, the confession does not mention terrorism or hatred. The message is "the cry of a very challenged young man who talks about the challenges in his personal life."

Manley said the tape was apparently recorded on Tuesday night and that "there was no reason" for specifically choosing to harm anyone who received them..

Two people were killed and others wounded, some seriously, by the six bombs that Conditt had placed before he activated the seventh on himself.