'Speak little and act quietly and professionally'

Zionist Union head: 'Details of 2007 attack in Syria, first published last night, are impressive in both intelligence and security aspects.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Avi Gabai
Avi Gabai
Flash 90

Zionist Union Chairman Avi Gabai this morning discussed the 2007 attack on the reactor in Syria, details of which emerged last night.

"Israel owes a great debt to everyone who took part in the planning and implementation of the operation, and we should continue to talk as little as possible and do the work needed quietly, modestly, and professionally.

"The details of the attack that were published this morning are impressive both in terms of intelligence and security. All those involved in security work, from the political and military decision makers, to the last operations of the attack on the reactor deserve tremendous credit - this is how the leadership of the State and our defense forces are expected to act: Wisely, covertly, steadfastly, all the while remaining out of the public eye. This is the strength of the State of Israel and these extraordinary capabilities that make us the strongest military power in the Middle East," Gabai said.

"11 years after that important attack, the northern arena in Syria and Lebanon is more volatile than ever, and requires careful and responsible conduct. We must not forget that only about a month ago, our F-16 was shot down by an enemy anti-aircraft missile fired by the Syrian army under influence of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Iran continues to establish itself in Syria and arm Hezbollah with advanced weaponry that threatens Israeli citizens," he continued..

"This complex security situation will continue and obligate the IDF to operate deep inside enemy lines in order to preserve the security of the State. In order for our soldiers can carry out their mission and return home safely, so that Israel will retain the element of surprise and intelligence capabilities, so that we can maintain the stability of the region and not deteriorate into war, we should continue to talk as little as possible and continue to do the work quietly and out of the public eye.

"One can only imagine what might have happened and what kind of reality we would have faced in Syria if Israel had not bombed the reactor in Deir al-Zur in time - before the outbreak of the civil war in Syria and before the Revolutionary Guards penetrated Syria. Israel owes a great debt to all those who took part in the planning and execution of the operation."