IDF destroys terror tunnels in South

Increased alertness near Gaza after IDF destruction of 2 terror tunnels cleared for publication.

Kobi Finkler ,

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סיכול מנהרות
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The IDF foiled an attempt by the Hamas terrorist organization to repair a terror attack tunnel in the Kerem Shalom area on Saturday night..

The Hamas effort was foiled through engineering activity that took place in Israeli territory, led by the IDF Southern Command. The infrastructure was identified at an early stage and did not pose a threat to the residents of the area.

The IDF says that Hamas is investing enormous resources in the underground systems, building terror tunnels instead of investing in the Gaza Strip for the welfare of its suffering residents. The IDF added that the attempt to renew the tunnel shows that Hamas is finding it difficult to accept the failure of the tunnel project, and continues to recklessly waste funds needed for local residents.

At the same time, the IDF attacked another "underground infrastructure" belonging to the Hamas terror organization in the central Gaza Strip.

IDF Spokesman Brigadier General Ronen Manelis revealed this morning that in recent months Hamas has attempted to build a bypass to the tunnel in the Rafah area, which was bombed during Operation Protective Edge. "This is the fourth tunnel that was bombed during Protective Edge," the army says.

"The method of thwarting [the operation of terror tunnels] that the IDF is using now is an innovative method that will not allow the tunnels to be rehabilitated, technology that did not exist during Protective Edge,” Manelis said.

Regarding the attack on the second tunnel, Manelis said, "This is an underground infrastructure that had not yet penetrated into Israel, which Hamas has been digging in recent days to allow reaching Israel," the spokesman said.