The IDF prepares for all out war

IDF finishes week-long training exercises simulating multi-front war with three simultaneous drills.

Tzvi Lev ,

Chief of Staff Eizenkot with Defense Minister Liberman
Chief of Staff Eizenkot with Defense Minister Liberman
IDF's Spokespersons Unit

The IDF concluded a series of massive exercises on Thursday that mimicked all-out war on multiple fronts.

The exercise, which was named "Headstone 2018", began on Sunday and trained the IDF's General Staff to quickly communicate with their subordinates in the event of sudden war, with a special emphasis placed on the continuous functioning of different command centers and 'War Rooms', even while under a missile barrage.

In a parallel exercise, named "Steadfastness", the IDF's Home Front Command trained to quickly respond to large amounts of missiles hitting Israel, which included working in conjunction with civilian agencies such as MDA, the Israel Police, and the Israel Fire and Rescue Services.

A significant percentage of the drill was dedicated to practicing rescuing civilians trapped in residential buildings, evacuating Israelis to safer areas while under fire and dealing with a leak of hazardous materials. The drill included air raid sirens being heard across Israel on Tuesday morning and evening.

A third exercise the IDF participated in was "Juniper Cobra", a two-week joint defense training exercise bringing together more than 4,500 service members from the IDF and the US military’s European Command (USEUCOM).

During the drill, the US military deployed over 2,500 service members, including 1,400 Marines and 1,100 naval personnel and two US Navy vessels took positions off the coast of Israel.

The IDF said that Juniper Cobra's purpose is for the US and Israel to coordinate their responses to complex threats, especially missile attacks from regional foes like Iran and Hezbollah.

"It is great to be here in Israel and it is great to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our Israeli parties as we participate in Juniper Cobra '18," US Army Colonel David Shank told reporters.