Leading rabbi:
'It's a terrible mistake to bring down a right-wing government'

Leading Religious Zionist Rabbi Haim Druckman warns coalition members not to bring about fall of government. 'Everyone will lose.'

Shimon Cohen ,

Rabbi Chaim Druckman
Rabbi Chaim Druckman
Flash 90

It is a dramatic political day - at least according to commentators, ministers, and even Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is making final efforts to prevent early elections. Head of Bnei Akiva yeshivot and venerable Religious Zionist leader and former MK, Rabbi Chaim Druckman, spoke to Arutz Sheva, calling on the members of the coalition to take into account the great damage that could occur if Israel actually goes to elections.

"Under no circumstances should a right-wing government be toppled," says Rabbi Druckman. "I turn fervently to the prime minister and all those comprising the coalition - it is forbidden to do something like this. Who knows what government will come along instead? The current government has much to do in developing the Land of Israel and promoting the State of Israel. "

He said that the importance of the right-wing government is immeasurably greater in light of the favorable administration in the White House and the historic opportunity to advance the affairs of the Land of Israel and the affairs of the State of Israel. "When the American administration is so sympathetic to us, we have to take advantage of this and continue to consolidate our state, and we absolutely must not take actions that harm all of this. It is a great responsibility.”

What about the polarization between the positions of the haredi representatives and Liberman's position on issues of religion and state? Is it possible to maneuver between the two sides? Rabbi Druckman is convinced that it is. "Understandings must be reached. I realize that everyone is set in his opinion, but if you want to walk together, you have to reach understandings, and if you want to - it’s possible. Nobody has to give up his positions, and everyone should try to obtain as much as possible, but there must be an understanding that the loss will be much greater [than the gain if the government falls]. What will each side gain if the government falls? Everyone loses. The people of Israel will lose, and the Land of Israel will lose."

Rabbi Druckman clarifies that he is not involved in the political activity and is not speaking to the leaders of the Jewish Home party about the issue, but that, "like every Jew in the country, I care about what happens in our country and it touches my heart."