Christian Arab from Nazareth joins 'Zehut' party

'Israel is a Jewish state and should remain so. In order for it to be good for all of us, we must agree on this point.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Moshe Feiglin at Zehut conference
Moshe Feiglin at Zehut conference
Zehut spokesperson

Yusef Hadad, a Christian Arab from the north, decided this week to join the new “Zehut” party headed by Moshe Feiglin. Hadad, a 32-year-old bachelor who lives in Nazareth, is the son of a priest.

"I met Moshe Feiglin by chance, and I just felt I had to ask him how he treated Israeli Arabs who support the State of Israel," says Hadad. “The conversation developed, and Feiglin invited me to read the Zehut charter. I read it and really connected to what was written. I think that the State of Israel was founded as a Jewish state and that it should continue to be a Jewish state. In order for it to be good for all of us, we must agree on this point and move on from there. Feiglin is the only one who puts everything on the table. "

Yusef was the only one of his Arab friends to enlist in the IDF, and served a full army service in the Golani Brigade. Two months before his release from the IDF he was seriously wounded in Bint Jbeil in Lebanon. His leg was cut off, his face injured, and he suffered from shrapnel in his other leg.

In his last position, Yusef served as the operations manager of a market research company. He has two sisters and a brother. One of his sisters served in National Service.

Yusef says that his family fully supports his political path and blesses him. Feiglin himself said, "In Zehut there is room for everyone. If you are Zionist, a lover of the state, and recognize the Jewish identity of the State of Israel - your place is with us. I warmly congratulate Yusef Hadad on joining us."