Tel Aviv official: Chabad 'missionaries' need to be banned

Tel Aviv city council official rips Chabad 'missionary activities' after being asked whether he wanted to put on Tefillin.

Tzvi Lev ,

Tefillin booth in Tel Aviv
Tefillin booth in Tel Aviv
Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

A member of the Tel Aviv city council blasted Chabad emissaries in a Facebook post, after he was asked whether he wanted to put on Tefillin (phylacteries).

For many years, Chabad emissaries have set up stands all over Israel, as well as in many other countries, offering to help Jewish men put on Tefillin.

Recently, however, Reuven Ladianski expressed outrage after he spotted Chabad emissaries in Tel Aviv city hall on Thursday, likening their efforts to "missionary activity".

"Missionaries in Tel Aviv city hall!," wrote Ladianski."The man in the photo is a Chabad member who was walking on the 11th floor of the building. He took me on my way to my office and offered me without hesitation and shame to put on tefillin."

"I later told him that I was not the only one he had offered (to put on Teffilin) and I told him immediately that city hall is not a place for missionaries and that he needed to leave the building," continued Ladiasnki, who said that he convinced the municipality CEO to ban the Chabad emissary from the building.

"The ease with which those missionaries from Chabad allow themselves to operate in the public sphere, and even in a public building like the municipality, is outrageous and unacceptable. I will continue to struggle against religious coercion and missionaries," concluded Ladianksi.

A Herzliya municipal supervisor caused outrage in September after he fined a Chabad hasid for opening a Tefillin booth."This man was asked several times to take down his table, but refused," the supervisor wrote, adding that the rabbi "is harassing passersby by asking them to put on tefillin."