'Above all I embrace the woman in my life: My beloved wife Sara'

Netanyahu shares special International Women's Day post featuring a personal message to his wife, Sara.

PM Binyamin Netanyahu ,

Sara Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu
Photo by Kobi Gideon/GPO

On International Women's Day, I would like to thank you - the women of Israel. To the trailblazers, the glass ceiling-smashers, all of you - for everything you do in the various areas of your lives. For everything you do for your families and for your tremendous contribution to our society and our country.

Although much work is still ahead, we've come a long way towards realizing full equality of rights and opportunities for women. I'm sure we'll finish the job.

On this day, above all, I embrace the woman in my life - my beloved wife Sara. She dedicates her whole life to our family; our lives depend on her. Beyond that, she also gives of herself to bereaved families, children with cancer, the elderly, and Holocaust survivors, battered women, and lone soldiers. She does so in parallel with her work as a child psychologist in public service.

Unfortunately, for all her activities, she receives in return from the media endless imaginary and malicious slurs. But many of you know the truth and give her great love, appreciation, and support. Thank you, my dear beloved wife, and thank you citizens of Israel.