'We blocked the terrorist's jeep'

Witness to Akko attack recounts harrowing moments as terrorist ran down soldiers, attempts by civilians and soldiers to stop the carnage.

Gary Willig ,

scene of Akko attack
scene of Akko attack
MDA spokesperson

Witnesses described the terrorist attack in Akko in which an Arab-Israeli terrorist deliberately rammed into a Border Policeman and two soldiers at two different sites in the northern city Sunday morning.

Twenty-eight-year-old Saleh Nabuani, who was at the scene of the attack, recounted Mako Hebrew news how he and others at the scene attempted to stop the attacker until security forces arrived to subdue him. "We ran toward the jeep and threw things at him to stop," he said. "Then we stood in front of him and blocked his way - he stopped - and then the soldiers shot him."

"I was in shock, as were my mother and sister," Nabuani said following the attack. "When I parked there, we saw the jeep enter the parking lot of the market near the train and run over one of the soldiers. My sister shouted in shock that he had run over him."

"A lot of people there were screaming for a medic," Nabuani continued. Since I worked in a hospital for two years I ran there and helped one of the soldiers who was a paramedic. The wounded man had a head injury."

Nabuani said he saw soldiers shoot the attacker and shouted at them he shouted at them to stop shooting after the terrorist went down.

Police investigators determined that the attack was carried out for nationalistic motives. According to the investigators, the attacker received a traffic ticket for NIS 1000 earlier, and when he discovered the fine he drove off, running down a Border Police officer before heading to another part of the city and ramming into two soldiers.

The attacker's attorney insisted that the incident "was an ordinary traffic accident."

"Anyone who saw the videos can clearly see that this is an ordinary car accident. It's not a planned event, on the contrary," the attorney said. "At the end of the day the truth will come out and it seems that it had nothing to do with nationality or anything nationalistic, and this is just an ordinary accident."