After 3 children, couple has sextuplets

Alabama couple overjoyed following birth of six healthy new babies.

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The sextuplets
The sextuplets
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An Alabama couple joyfully welcomed six new children into their home after giving birth to sextuplets, People Magazine reported.

Courtney and Eric Waldrop were shocked to discover that Courtney was carrying six children during an ultrasound last year. Doctors suggested “selective reduction, a procedure to reduce the number of fetuses, citing the increased risks of carrying so many fetuses to both the children and their mother. However, the Waldrops decided to carry all six children to term.

Courney gave birth on December 11, 2017, after less than 30 weeks' gestation. She had three boys and three girls. Miraculously, all six babies were healthy and the couple was able to bring them home.

“It’s an amazingly joyful feeling to have all six babies at home with us. Our lives have been forever changed," the couple told People. “We are blessed beyond words and so excited to get life started with these sweet little miracles from above.”

The Waldrops previously struggled to have children. After several miscarriages, they had a son in 2008, and with the help of fertility treatments they had twin boys several years later. With the newest arrivals, the couple has fulfilled their dream of having a large family.

The couple welcomed their six new bundles of joy with a photo shoot by Ashley Sargent of Ashley Sargent Photography. The babies were lovingly held by their parents and older brothers while dressed in different colors of the rainbow.

“We are strong in our faith, but you never know how you’re going to feel when you’re actually in those shoes,” Courtney said. “When we let it go and turned it all over to [God], those fears ─ though we know the risks are still there ─ were lifted from us.”