'Declare Israeli-Arab NGO a terrorist organization'

Almagor chairman Meir Indor responds to extreme-left demand to name square after arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat in Umm El-Fahm.

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Meir Indor
Meir Indor
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Almagor Terror Victim Association Chairman Meir Indor spoke to Arutz Sheva about the proposal to name a street in the Galilee town Umm El-Fahm after PLO founder Yasser Arafat.

"To name a street in an Arab village after Yasser Arafat or other terrorists is a symbol of a big problem we have with the Arab population in Israel."

Indor says Israeli-Arab organizations like Adalah and institutions such as the Al-Midan theater in Haifa exist to import Arab nationalism into Israel for the purpose of destroying the Jewish state, and should be banned.

"Since the Oslo Accords [in 1993], there has been an increase in Palestinian nationality in Israel. All the experts and professors say it will come, because it will not stop in Judea and Samaria and it's coming.

"We think that when the municipality in Umm El-Fahm declares a street on Yasser Arafat, we should declare the municipality and the mayor as terrorists, or as supporters of terrorism, and there are already laws on the books against such people. We should prevent it by telling them, 'You're going to do it? You'll be dismissed as an authority by Israeli law. No budget, no money, nothing to help until you change the policy."