Beit El rabbi: Don't give more than 2-3 mishloach manot packages

Rabbi Zalman Melamed says those who receive mishloach manot packages should not return the gift.

Refael Levi ,

Rabbi Zalman Melamed
Rabbi Zalman Melamed
Eliran Aharn

Beit El Yeshiva Dean Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed sent a letter to yeshiva students requesting they limit the number of mishloach manot (gifts of food) packages they give others during the Purim holiday.

In his letter, Rabbi Melamed asked his students to refrain from sending more than 2-3 packages, and not to exaggerate when fulfilling the commandment.

"The commandment of mishloach manot is to give two items of food to one person. In order to ensure that Purim will not become a burden to some people, please limit yourselves to two or three packages, and no more. Those who wish to give more than that should come and request permission to do so," he wrote."

"No one who gives his friend mishloach manot should expect to receive something in return, because that would take away from the value of giving. Therefore, those who receive [mishloach manot] do not need to give any back. They should be happy to receive it, and the giver should take joy in giving. In this fashion, the commandment will be properly fulfilled.

"Purim is a day to be joyous and unite, and to cancel out all the sensitivities and stresses, to judge everyone favorably and to see the good in each one."