'She set her apartment on fire and tried to kill her children'

Woman indicted for attempted murder after she set fire to her Ashdod apartment - with her children inside.

Haim Lev ,

Firefighters (illustrative)
Firefighters (illustrative)
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The Southern District Prosecutor is expected to submit an indictment against an Ashdod woman suspected of setting her apartment on fire in an attempted murder-suicide.

Investigators two weeks ago said the fire, reported by neighbors, was intentionally sparked when the woman attempted to kill her two small children, ages four and five. Both children were treated for smoke inhalation and hospitalized in the city's new Assuta Hospital.

Initial investigations showed after initially refusing to remove her children from the burning apartment, the suspect eventually acquiesced to her neighbors' pleas and threw her children out the window, allowing passersby to catch them.

A search of the apartment showed suicidal letters, in which the woman noted that she was taking her two children with her, since she didn't want them to be a burden on anyone else. She also sent similar messages to several people close to her. The search also uncovered an open gas line in the apartment, and a fire investigator concluded that the fire had been set intentionally, in several locations, and was not the result of an electrical short.

During the interrogation, it became clear that the woman intended to harm her two children, and that she had bought three "pills" with mouse poison. The owner of the store the suspect bought the pills in warned his client to keep the poison out of the reach of children "because of the enormous danger the pills contain." She, in response, said, "That's the kind of poison I need."

The suspect tied herself to the suspicions against her and admitted to the interrogators that she had attempted to harm herself and her children, and had therefore purchased the poison. She also said that she regretted her decision and threw the mouse poison in the garbage.

However, she said that the fire investigator had erred when he said the fires were set intentionally.