Netanyahu family says farewell to Kaya

PM Binyamin Netanyahu uses Facebook to post farewell to family dog who died after undergoing series of unsuccessful operations.

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Kaya (C)
Kaya (C)
צילום: דף הפייסבוק של רה''מ נתניהו

The Prime Minister's family dog Kaya died today after an operation on her legs.

Due to the pet's worsening situation, the Prime Minister's son Avner Netanyahu shortened his planned trip abroad and returned to Israel.

The Prime Minister wrote this afternoon in his Facebook account, "Our beloved Kaya is gone. Two months ago, Kaya collapsed after a disc herniation in her neck that paralyzed her. She underwent two serious operations to try to get her back on her feet. After hydrotherapy and unsuccessful treatment in an oxygen tent, the other day, we all, my wife Sara, Yair, and Avner - came to say goodbye."

"How much happiness and light she brought to our lives. We learned from Kaya what the soul and consciousness of animals are, and we were happy to give her a home and a family and thereby extend her life for many years, and she gave us back a lot of joy. On this occasion we call upon all who can adopt grown animals: Give them a home and a life - and you will get so much warmth and love from them," added Netanyahu.

He noted that "Kaya was a seventh generation purebred American Eskimo dog. She was born on Kibbutz Givat Brenner, won many canine beauty contests and displayed exceptional intelligence and sensitivity. How we hoped she'd come back to us and at least once in her life get to experience snow in Jerusalem."

"Kaya was part of our family. We are so sorry she has left us; we will always remember her."