Israeli Arabs join ISIS, plan attack on Temple Mount

Shabak, Israel Police, foil ISIS-supporting Israeli Arabs' planned attack on Temple Mount.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 4:55 PM

Muhammad Jabarin
Muhammad Jabarin
Israel Security Agency

Shabak (Israel Security Agency) officers working along with Israel Police arrested during January-February 2018 three Israeli Arabs, some of whom are connected to ISIS.

The three, all residents of the Jenin-area city Umm al-Fahm, planned to carry out a shooting attack on the Temple Mount.

The three are: Muhammad Masoud Jabarin, 20; Amad Lutfy Jabarin, 20, and an unnamed person who was a minor at the time the offenses were committed.

The interrogations revealed that the three planned to carry out a shooting attack at Al-Aqsa mosque, similar to the one carried out on July 17, 2017, in which two Druze policemen were shot in the back and murdered.

Exact intelligence information allowed for the cell members' arrest before they managed to acquire weapons and carry out the attack. Some of the cell's members discussed carrying out attacks on religious buildings (synagogues and churches), as well as attacks on security and police forces, ramming attacks, and an attack during Christmas.

Two of the three arrested support the ISIS' ideology, and planned to carry out the attack in accordance with that support.

On Monday, indictments were filed against all three terrorists.

In a statement, Shabak emphasized that it sees Israelis who support ISIS as a terror threat, especially if those Israelis are in contact with ISIS members and act in Israel with the terror organization's blessing. Shabak also stated that its officials will continue following the suspects, and will take the enforcement steps necessary to prevent ISIS from spreading its ideology and doing anything to harm Israel's security.