Rain to fall over the weekend

Rain, thunderstorms, expected over
weekend - especially in southern Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Rain (illustrative)
Rain (illustrative)
Flash 90

Israel is slated for another weekend of alternating warm and winter weather, this time with an emphasis on the country's south.

Thursday will be partly cloudy, and there may be haze. Rain may fall, accompanied by a few thunderstorms, especially in southern Israel, where rivers may flood.

Thursday night will be partly cloudy and hazy, with local rains and thunderstorms.

Friday will be partly cloudy, with local rains and thunderstorms, especially in southern Israel. There is a slight chance that southern rivers may flood.

Saturday will be pleasant with a slight rise in temperatures, bringing them to higher than seasonal average.

Sunday will be mostly cloudy, with a temperatures dropping significantly and returning to seasonal average. There may be local rains.