Fox News anchor visits Joshua's Tomb

Pete Hegseth, accompanied by IDF soldiers, visited the site in Samaria "to pay homage to one of the greatest warriors"

Eliran Aharon ,

Pete Hegseth at Joshua's Tomb
Pete Hegseth at Joshua's Tomb
Eliran Aharon

13 people, accompanied by IDF soldiers, entered Joshua’s Tomb in Samaria on Tuesday night. Among them were Dr. Joe Frager and Fox News anchor Pete Hegseth.

The visit was organized by Yossi Dagan, the head of the Samaria Regional Council. Before entering the site, Hegseth visited the site of the attack in which Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal of Har Bracha was murdered.

“As somebody who grew up on the stories of the Bible, I grew up learning and hearing a great deal about Joshua and how central he was to the history of the Jewish people and the foundations of the Jewish state,” said Hegseth.

“To be here is to pay homage to one of the greatest warriors we’ve ever seen on the planet and certainly of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. And driving in here, with the great members of today’s IDF, is a reminder that warriors are the only ones who will continue to maintain what is here in the Land of Israel. Warriors are the reason why the Jewish people are free and they will have to continue to be vigilant to do so,” he continued.

“My prayer is that as Americans we will stand alongside, shoulder to shoulder, to make sure that happens. I am absolutely honored to be here. It is the highlight of my life and thank you all for making it happen.”