'The way to stop terror is to live here'

Rabbi's widow tells of tragedy that befell her family, expresses hope that answer to terror will be transformation of Har Bracha into city.

Mordechai Sones ,

Mirian ben Gal and her late husband Itamar
Mirian ben Gal and her late husband Itamar
Courtesy of the family

Miriam Ben-Gal, widow of Rabbi Itamar Ben-Gal, says this morning that she believes the tragedy that befell her and her family will lead to the strengthening of settlement.

"I feel the Blessed Holy One sent me a great mission, not an easy one, but I'm certain that we're part of the process of redemption and that the people of Israel will emerge stronger and better and will continue with all our might to settle this land," Ben-Gal said in an interview on Reshet Bet.

"We chose to live here knowing there's a certain risk. Life here is happy and vibrant, the quality of life is very high, we enjoy living here, we always knew there was a certain risk but it was certainly lower than the risk of cancer or a car accident. People dare to get into the car despite the accidents so it's much more risky than living here."

Ben-Gal expressed hope that Har Bracha would soon become a city. "We live here because it's important for us to settle the Land of Israel. The only way to stop terror is to live here in our tens of thousands, and then there'll be no discussion about the fact that we are here, and therefore we ask the Prime Minister and everyone involved: Build here, settle, turn Har Bracha into a city and bring many Jews here."

She spoke of her husband who was murdered in the stabbing attack in Ariel. "Itamar was a person who wanted to do everything in the best way because he knew this is what the Torah and the Blessed Holy One want from him: to live life to the fullest, the happiest, the most fun, the most idealistic. At home and with his family, his love and his respect for me and his investment in the children, his respect for his parents, his work as an educator; everything he did in the best way."

Ben-Gal addressed how her children are coping with the tragedy. "The children understand, but in their way the children are stronger than everyone else. We talk about father, we tell them father was murdered by a wicked man, and now he's in Heaven and he's with us all the time, and we strengthen each other and we'll continue to be happy."