Extremist booted from Bnei Brak synagoge for harassing soldier

Haredi worshipers eject extremist harassing haredi soldier during evening prayers at Bnei Brak synagogue.

Michal Levi ,

Haredi praying in a synagogue (illustrative)
Haredi praying in a synagogue (illustrative)
Yoni Kempinski

An extremist shaming and harassing a haredi solder in Bnei Brak was kicked out of the synagogue by other haredi worshipers.

The soldier had arrived at Bnei Brak's "Itzkowitz" synagogue for the evening prayers when a man began calling him names and disturbing his prayers.

After a few moments, the other haredim in the synagogue approached the heckler and ordered him to immediately leave the synagogue, saying it is unacceptable to shame someone for choosing a certain lifestyle.

In an interview, one of the worshipers told Arutz Sheva that "most of the haredi community staunchly opposes the path that the 'Jerusalem Faction' (Peleg Yerushalmi - ed.) extremists have chosen."

"We will not allow a small percentage to stain the haredi public," he said. "This is not the Torah's way, and it has nothing to do with what each person believes. You do not embarrass a person in public, and certainly you do not embarrass someone who came to pray the evening prayer in a synagogue."

The worshiper also noted that Rabbi Karlstein, a supporter of the Jerusalem Faction's leader Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach and whose students take part in the anti-draft protests, said more than once that physical or verbal abuse towards religious and haredi soldiers is unacceptable and "as our Sages said, those who embarrass others in public have no part in the World to Come."