Iran sentences alleged 'nuclear spy' to prison

Iranian court sentences unnamed suspect to six years in prison for relaying information on the country's nuclear program.

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Flag of Iran
Flag of Iran

Tehran's prosecutor-general announced on Sunday that a court has sentenced a suspect to six years in prison for relaying information on the country's nuclear program to a U.S. intelligence agent and a European country, The Associated Press reported.

The prosecutor-general, Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi, told the judiciary website that the convict allegedly met the agent nine times and provided him with information about "nuclear affairs and sanctions."

Dolatabadi added that he provided the information to a European country too and noted the court also ordered the confiscation of the money he received for the information.

The report did not identify the convict or provide additional details, noted AP.

In December, Iran’s Supreme Court upheld a death sentence against Ahmadreza Djalali, a doctor and lecturer at the Stockholm-based Karolinska Institute who was arrested in Iran in April 2016 and later convicted of espionage and sentenced to death. He denied the charges.

Iranian state television later aired what it described as the confessions of Djalali, who it said had provided information to Israel to help it assassinate several senior nuclear scientists.

The Islamic Republic, which is notorious for its executions, has in the past executed individuals it claimed to be “spies” for both Israel and the U.S.

In June of 2012, Iran claimed to have dismantled a terrorist and sabotage network in the southern city of Shiraz, which allegedly planned bombings and assassination attempts during Iran’s presidential election.

The network had links with the CIA, Israel and some neighboring Arab nations, Iran claimed.

In a previous incident, Iran executed Majid Jamali Fashi after convicting him of spying for the Mossad and of playing a key role in the January 2010 assassination of a top nuclear scientist in return for payment of $120,000.