'We want deterrence to prevent the next murder'

Terror widow demands at Supreme Court hearing that home of terrorist who murdered her family in Neve Tzuf attack be demolished completely.

Eliran Aharon-Mordechai Sones ,

Michal Salomon today at Supreme Court
Michal Salomon today at Supreme Court
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The Supreme Court this morning discussed a petition filed by the Salomon family, whose members Elad (36), his sister Chaya (46), and his father Yosef (70) were slaughtered by a 19-year-old terrorist as the family ate their Friday night dinner at Yosef's home in Neve Tzuf last year.

The Salomon family demanded the house of the terrorist who carried out the massacre be destroyed in its entirety, and not to settle for the area that has been destroyed so far. The petition was filed by attorney Chaim Bleicher of the Honenu legal aid organization representing the family members in the hearing.

Michal Salomon said before the hearing: "We came today to ask the court to correct the situation and destroy the terrorist's house in its entirety. The terrorist's house was only partially destroyed due to misinterpretations of previous rulings in cases similar to this. We did not come to seek revenge.

"Revenge or any other punishment will not bring us back Elad, Yossi, Chaya, and life as it was before the murder. We asked the court to create a deterrent that will stop the next murder and prevent other families from being in the situation we are in and living in suffering and pain."

Attorney Bleicher said, "We see the terrible hardship of families who suffered from terrorism, so it's important for us to do everything possible to eradicate this murderous Islamic terror. In this case, the house's destruction should have been complete to convey the message that terrorism will never pay."

"The State erred when it did not destroy the entire house. We think this is both a fundamental mistake in principle and a major legal mistake, and will prove this in the course of the hearing," Bleicher concluded.