How much will El Al's new CEO earn?

New El Al CEO scheduled to begin term on February 15.

Uzi Baruch ,

Gonen Usishkin
Gonen Usishkin
Sivan Pereg

El Al's Board of Directors Chairman Eli Dafas reported on Tuesday that newly-appointed El Al CEO Gonen Usishkin will begin serving in his new role on February 15.

Usishkin, 50, will replace David Maimon, who has worked with El Al for thirteen years and served as the company's CEO since May 2014.

Usishkin will receive remuneration including an hourly wage of 120 NIS ($35.27), as well as an annual grant identical to what Maimon received: 2% of the company's annual profits, to be capped at 3 million NIS ($881,700) gross per year, in accordance with company policy.

The selection of Usishkin to head the company will need the approval of El Al's General Committee, which will meet at the beginning of March.

A former IAF pilot, Usishkin began working in El Al in 2004, and served for twelve years in various leadership roles. For ten of those years, Usishkin worked in the commercial department, handling income, scheduling, and commercial planning.

Beginning in 2014, Usishkin served as the company's Strategic, Planning, and Organizing Manager, and he currently serves as the Deputy Trade Manager, working together with other departments to purchase El Al's new Dreamliners.