Watch: Thief assaults restaurant owner

Lod resident steals money from restaurant, attacks restaurant owner after being caught.

Orly Harari ,

Thief steals money from Lod restaurant
Thief steals money from Lod restaurant
Israel Police

An indictment was filed on Wednesday against a 27-year-old Lod resident who stole money from a local restaurant and attacked the restaurant's owner.

The suspect has been charged for a string of thefts and an incident involving assault in the central Israeli town of Lod.

According to the indictment, in one of the cases, the suspect entered a restaurant in Lod holding a metal bike lock. He approached the counter, stole money from the cash register, and emptied a cup of coins into his pocket.

The restaurant owner spotted the thief, approached him, and asked the thief to return the money. In response, the thief told him to prepare two cups of coffee.

The indictment also states that after the restaurant owner retrieved the money stolen by the thief, the suspect attacked him with the bike lock and then fled the scene.

In a separate incident, the suspect broke into an apartment in Lod, but left when the owner noticed him.

Following an investigation into the two incidents, Israel Police succeeded in locating and arresting the suspect.

Israel Police have requested the court extend the suspect's arrest until legal proceedings against him have been completed.