Shabak: Terrorist who killed Rabbi Shevach may still be alive

Israeli security forces believe terrorist who organized Rabbi Shevach's murder to be still alive.

Kobi Finkler ,

IDF forces near the scene of the terror attack
IDF forces near the scene of the terror attack
IDF spokesperson

Israel's security forces - Shabak (Israel Security Agency), Israel Police, and the IDF - on Friday morning reported that they estimate that the terrorist who murdered Rabbi Raziel Shevach last week is alive.

On Wednesday evening, forces from the IDF and the Border Police’s Yamam counter-terrorism unit located in Jenin three terrorists who were part of the grouop which carried out the shooting attack near Havat Gilad last week, in which Rabbi Raziel Shevach was murdered. Initial reports detailed that two of the terrorists were arrested and one was eliminated.

The terrorist ran a 5-man terror cell. It is not clear if he managed to escape on Wednesday night, or if he simply was not at home when the security forces raided his home.

Initial interrogations of the captured terrorists, as well as investigations of the findings found in the destroyed homes and confiscated road cameras show that the assailant who shot the Border Police officers near the Jenin gas station is the same one who was killed by security forces. His shooting may have caused some measure of professional and intelligence problems in the security operation.

Rabbi Shevach's parents Ilana and Moshe Shevach, as well as his sister, on Thursday visited the police officers who were injured while capturing the terrorists. They thanked the officers for capturing the terrorists and eliminating two of them, and wished the officers a speedy recovery.

Watch the Shevach family visit the injured Yamam officers. (Hebrew video)