Ashdod father of 4 murdered over parking dispute

Itai Mor, 44, killed while taking out trash after fight with neighbor; 'He was the kind of person everyone wanted to be with. Sweet man.'

Mordechai Sones,

Police unit
Police unit

Itai Mor, 44, was killed Wednesday night in Ashdod, apparently following a dispute between neighbors over parking in their apartment building's yard, reports Israel Hayom.

According to suspicions, the argument between the two began earlier that day, hours before the murder. The police investigation indicates that in the evening, Mor went down from his apartment on Eshkol Street in the city's A quarter to the courtyard of the building in order to throw out garbage. A few minutes later, Mor's wife heard screams, and when she opened the door she found her husband lying bleeding on the steps at the entrance to the apartment.

Mor's wife called emergency services, which dispatched United Hatzalah and MDA emergency first responders to the scene. United Hatzalah volunteers Avi Amar and Daniel Bokobza, the first to arrive on the scene, began resuscitation efforts, and attempted to stop the bleeding until a MDA mobile unit arrived. While continued to perform CPR, the medics transferred Mor to Assuta Hospital in critical condition. After a short time, and despite doctor's efforts, Mor was declared dead in the trauma room.

Ashdod police officers who arrived at the scene arrested the suspected killer, identified as the victim's neighbor, a man in his thirties. He was immediately transferred for questioning, and in the morning police announced he would be brought for extended remand, and at the same time asked he be sent for a psychiatric examination.

Police believe the murder was the result of a simmering dispute between the two neighbors. According to one witness' testimony, Mor and the suspect argued in the morning prior to the murder about an as-yet unclarified issue, possibly concerning a dispute over a parking place in the building's lot.

The suspicion is that following the argument that morning, the neighbor decided to retaliate against Mor, and waited for an opportune moment to attack him. Additional possible motives are also being examined.

Mor was employed as a port operator in Ashdod. His mother, Rachel, is a well-known figure in the city and serves as a teacher for gifted children. His hobbies included surfing and tennis, and he was considered an outstanding athlete. Friends gathered near his home said "it's incomprehensible." "He's the kind of person everyone wants to be with. Smiling; a loving, sweet man wherever he went. At work and in the neighborhood, he exuded joy and good-heartedness.

"It's shocking that a person leaves his house for a few minutes and is brutally murdered," a friend said. Colleagues from Mor's work also said he was a "smiling person with a good soul; a dedicated worker with a heart full of love and peace."

The murder suspect will be transferred to Ashkelon court for a remand hearing on Thursday and police will request he be sent, among other things, to a psychiatric clinic. The suspect did not cooperate with interrogators and did not provide a motive for the act. A gag order was imposed on his identity.