Israel holds drill simulating terror attack with mass casualties

MDA joins IDF's Home Front Command, Health Ministry, fire department, security and emergency forces in comprehensive mass casualty drill.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Magen David Adom participates in mass casualty drill
Magen David Adom participates in mass casualty drill
Magen David Adom

IPRED V, the fifth international conference led by the Ministry of Health and the Home Front Command, took place this week, Monday through Wednesday.

On Wednesday, on the last day of the conference, an important large-scale drill took place simulating a mega mass casualty Incident. The forces practiced response to a terror attack at a stadium involving several terrorists, shootings, stabbings and explosive materials.

Magen David Adom (MDA) staff at the drill included dozens of EMTs and paramedics who manned ambulances, mobile intensive care units, medi-cycles, mini MERVs, jeeps, a helicopter and more. MDA forces operated in full cooperation with representatives from the Ministry of Health, the Petah Tikva Municipality, Beilinson Hospital and all security forces, rescue forces and national emergency forces including the Home Front Command, Israel Police, the fire department and more.

When the drill concluded, conference participants from around the world visited the scene and had a chance to tour command vehicles deployed outside of the stadium. They were impressed with MDA’s District Front Command vehicle, which specially manufactured and customized with advanced technologies, enabling full operation in cases of infrastructure collapse using satellite capabilities.

Participating in the conference were lecturers from the emergency response sector, as well as experts from Israel and abroad. The conference aimed to promote the exchange of knowledge and to strengthen preparedness for emergencies and disasters. Topics included the health sector's management of and response to emergencies, with an emphasis on terror, natural disasters, epidemics, cyber attacks, and conventional and non-conventional threats.

MDA staff took part in all three days of the conference and set up a booth at the venue, showing how MDA tends to emergencies from the moment the emergency call is received at the dispatch center until the arrival to the hospital. They also presented advanced medical and technological equipment, a command and control station showcasing how MDA's dispatch center operates and the organization’s designated rescue vehicles.

Senior MDA experts also acted as lecturers in the conference: Disaster Management and EU Projects Coordinator Chaim Rafalowski, VP Director of Medicine Dr. Raphael Strugo, Director of HAZMAT Exercises and Operational Training Guy Caspi, and VP Director of Community Dr. Eli Yaffe.

MDA Director General Eli Bin said, “The important conference organized by the Ministry of Health concluded with a large drill today. It was successful and significant, and was participated by all national forces of Israel.”

“MDA forces practice various scenarios over and over again in order to remain prepared to respond to any incident. The drill today proved that full cooperation between all security forces is a crucial condition to saving lives.

“Magen David Adom is happy to cooperate with emergency and security organizations around the world and share its unique and varied knowledge it has accumulated over the years in dealing with mass casualty Incidents. Additionally, MDA learns from the experience of emergency-response organizations around the world and deepens its knowledge in order to provide residents of Israel with the best service possible.

“The value of saving lives is at the top of our priorities.”