Watch: Chabad emissary conference in Israel

Hundreds of Chabad 'shluchim' from all over country take part in national gathering held this year in Tzfat by Chabad Youth Organization.

Yoni Kempinski & M Sones ,

Chabad shluchim help bike riders with Four Species on Sukkot
Chabad shluchim help bike riders with Four Species on Sukkot
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A conference for Chabad emissaries (shluchim) in Israel commenced yesterday with the arrival of hundreds of shluchim from all over the country to the Canaan Hotel in Tzfat.

The convention, organized according to time-honored tradition by members of the Chabad Youth Organization, will continue until Wednesday afternoon, during which workshops, classes, lectures, and various programs will be held.

As the shluchim arrived at the hotel lobby, they were warmly greeted with striking posters and by members of the Chabad Youth Organization, who spent the first few hours refreshing themselves from the arduous preparations and strenuous work.

Kashrut Challenges in the Lives of Shluchim was the title of the conference's opening session. The rabbi of the Chabad community in Tzfat and renowned kashrut expert Rabbi Mordechai Bistritzky presented solutions to common kashrut questions and a survey of methods and processes in ritual slaughter.

Meanwhile, a Torah exposition was presented by Rabbi Zalman Kaplan of the Tzeirei HaShluchim Yeshiva in Tzfat.

Later, a special workshop was held for shluchim active with Israeli children, kindergartens, and schools. The professional and interactive workshop was accompanied by impressive visual aids.

The shluchim took advantage of every moment of the first day, which ended with a stirring farbrengen Chassidic get-together that continued into the night. Today the shluchim went to Meron to the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, the Rashbi, where they were photographed for the traditional picture.