'We cannot expect America to be more righteous than we are'

Head of terror victim group discusses Defense Ministry memorandum aiming to curtail PA funding of terror. 'Less money means less terrorism.'

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Meir Indor
Meir Indor
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Almagor Terror Victim Association Chairman Meir Indor spoke to Arutz Sheva about the Defense Ministry's memorandum to add up the total annual payments made directly or indirectly to terrorists by the Palestinian Authority

Emerging from a meeting with the Knesset's Defense Committee, Indor said Almagor "for the last year" has been pushing for the decision that "every dollar, every shekel, which goes from the Palestinian Authority to support terrorists or families of terrorists is to be deducted from the money that Israel transfers to the Palestinian Authority."

"We recommend that the Committee to continue the process," he said. "We know that in America right now there is a similar law, and we know that Americans are looking to us. So I'm calling on the Parliament - go ahead, faster."

"We cannot expect the Americans to be more righteous than we are in fighting terrorism.

"Something is very wrong. During the last year, Israel accepted...that the Palestinian Authority supports terrorists. I want to emphasize what the PA says: 'Oh, we support the families because the father is in prison,' but they don't support regular criminals, only those who kill. And more than that, they're giving money on a scale according to how many people they kill. So if somebody killed twenty innocents, he will be given more money.

"This is a message [to] go ahead, kill Jews, and get money. That should be corrected here, as a moral point in an effective system. Less money will mean less terrorism."

Indor ended on a personal note, noting that he himself once caught four terrorists.

"lf we stop more terrorists, we'll see more lives of Israelis saved, and that will be, for me, a continuation of my battle against terrorism."