Where is it easiest to register for marriage?

Report shows marriage registration at the Religious Council is easiest in Tel Aviv.

Nitzan Keidar , | updated: 7:59 AM

Jerusalem Religious Council
Jerusalem Religious Council
Nati Shohat/ Flash90

A report by the Information and Communications Technology Authority on the quality of government service to the public ranked the Religious Council's various branches in first place with regards to general satisfaction from the level of service (92%), out of dozens of government offices and units mentioned in the document.

The findings put paid to Anti-Rabbinate groups which have been accusing the Religious Councils for years of putting bureaucratic obstacles in the way of those registering for marriage.

The Religious Council in Tel Aviv stands out for the quality and level of service. Rated by couples who registered for marriage in Tel Aviv, the city's Religious Council received a high average rating for ease and efficiency of the process.

Other offices which ranked high on the list were the Israeli Corporations Authority with 91% satisfaction, the Holocaust Survivors' Rights Authority (90%), the Defense Ministry, Israel Police, the Ministry of Absorption, and the National Insurance Institute.

The survey also included wait times for service, satisfaction surveys, and on-site interviews with Israelis at the offices. These surveys included experience at the office, time spent waiting in line, the extent to which the reason for the visit was dealt with, employees' professionalism, and efficiency of the process.

Tel Aviv Religious Council Chairman Eldad Mizrahi responded, "We are very happy with the results of the survey, which shower compliments ...on marriage registration in Israel."

"To be first in quality of service is a huge accomplishment, one which we have aimed to achieve for years, and we must continue. There is no doubt that the revolution in the service mindset, and the change of perspective among those providing service, in which we place the citizen in the center, has caused a rise in the public's faith in us. I am convinced that this will expand to other areas of religious service in Israel."