Norway is funding an anti-Israel research group

Norwegian Embassy denies supporting anti-Israel organizations, admits to funding anti-Israel group via London-based researchers.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Norwegian protesters encourage boycotting Israel (illustrative)
Norwegian protesters encourage boycotting Israel (illustrative)

Norway's government is funding a research group with ties to the Palestine Strategy Group (PSG), a group which conducts anti-Israel research, Mako reported.

London's Oxford Research Group (ORG) works with PSG, a group headed by Coordinator Husam Zomlot.

One of PSG's "studies" focuses on how to involve Israeli Arabs in the Palestinian Authority's anti-Israel campaign and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Another of their "studies" examines if Israeli Arabs should be encouraged to boycott Israeli elections.

In a statement, Norway's Embassy in Israel stated, "Our support of NGOs is based on the goal of the two-state solution. We do not provide aid to organizations aiming to promote a boycott of Israel. We do not tolerate any type of hate speech, anti-Semitism or efforts aimed at de-legitimizing Israel."

"Norway did provide funding to the PSG organization through the ORG, but doesn’t sponsor isolated studies."

In December, Norway announced that it would limit its funding to Palestinian Arab non-governmental organizations (NGOs) promoting anti-Israel incitement.

However, a senior member of the country's Labor party signed an agreement to transfer $20 million for Norwegian People's Aid projects in the Palestinian Authority. These projects aim to plant trees on thousands of acres in strategic areas of Judea and Samaria with the aim of creating agricultural wedges isolating local Jewish communities.