Saving the life of a child, and the generations to come

Efrat Chairman Dr. Eliyahu Schussheim tells Arutz Sheva about how he helps women continue their pregnancies despite financial difficulties.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Dr. Eliyahu Schussheim
Dr. Eliyahu Schussheim
Yoni Kempinski

Arutz Sheva spoke with Efrat Chairman Dr. Eliyahu Schussheim about the organization's efforts to save Israel's unborn babies.

Efrat offers financial support for mothers considering abortion, throughout their pregnancy and for the first two years of their baby's life. This support includes providing diapers, baby formula, and the rest of the baby's needs, as well as food for the family.

For single mothers, Efrat also helps pay part of the baby's daycare expenses, and matches those single mothers shunned by their families with an "adoptive" family willing to provide a warm home for the duration of the pregnancy.

In order to ensure that the aid is not abused, Efrat asks to see medical proof of the pregnancy, as well as pay stubs to determine her income.

"We have the...possibility and the merit to save saves over 71,500 babies," Dr. Schussheim said.

"I can tell you something, that a lot of these babies that we saved 30 and 40 years before, they are the parents of babies. I am invited next week to the brit milah (circumcision) of someone - he came to invite me - he was saved about 30 years before."

"From these 71,500, we don't have one woman that...regrets that she didn't perform the abortion."

At the end of the day, Dr. Eliyahu Schussheim says, "You're not saving only the life of this child, you're saving the life of all the generations that will come from this life."

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