Rain and storms in Israel, with snow on Mount Hermon

Kinneret rises 2 centimeters as storm rages through Israel, bringing cold, rain, and a high chance of flooding.

Chana Roberts ,

Flash 90

Israel on Thursday night and Friday experienced the first major storm of the season, with winds blowing at speeds of between 40-100 kilometers (24.9-62 miles) per hour, 10 cm (3.9") of snow on Mount Hermon, and road closures due to high chances of flooding.

On Friday morning, Israel Police rescued two drivers who became stuck in a "puddle" 60 cm (23.6") deep in Herzliya. Firefighters were called to drain the water.

Israel's Water Authority reported that 20-30 millimeters (0.78-1.18 inches) of precipitation fell in northern Israel overnight, with 40-50 millimeters (1.57-1.96 inches) in the Golan and Galilee. As a result of direct rainfall, the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) rose three centimeters to 1.33 meters below the lower red line and 5.53 meters below maximum capacity. The Jordan River, meanwhile, rose 35 centimeters (13.77").

Friday will be rainy, with storms from northern Israel to the Negev, and snow will fall on Mount Hermon. Israel's south will be hazy, with dust storms, and there is a high chance of flooding along the coastline, as well as in the eastern and southern valleys.

Temperatures will be lower than seasonal average, ranging between 9-11 degrees Celsius (48.2-51.8 degrees Fahrenheit) in Kiryat Shmona, 7-8 (44.6-46.4) degrees in Tzfat, 11-13 (51.8-55.4) degrees in Tiberias, and 11-15 (51.8-59) degrees in Haifa. Temperatures in Tel Aviv will range between 12-15 (53.6-59) degrees, while those in Jerusalem will range between 8-9 (46.4-48.2) degrees and in Be'er Sheva between 10-14 (50-57.2) degrees.

Mount Hermon is currently closed to visitors.

Saturday will be partly cloudy, with local rains lightening over the course of the day. There will be a slight rise in temperatures, especially in Israel's north.

Sunday will be clear or partly cloudy, and temperatures will rise slightly to seasonal average.Monday will be mostly clear, with no significant change in temperature.