Daring conclusion:
BBC: Migrants in Germany 'may have fueled violent crime rise'

Government-commissioned research suggests migrants 'may be responsible for recent rise in violent crime in Germany'.

Mordechai Sones ,

'Stop Islamization'
'Stop Islamization'

A study commissioned by the German government using data from Lower Saxony concludes that migrants "may be responsible" for most of Germany's recent rise in violent crime, reported the BBC. More than 90% of the increase was attributed to young male migrants.

Lower Saxony is regarded as an average, representative state for the purpose of such research, and police there saw a 10.4% increase in reported violent crimes in 2015 and 2016.

Figures from the state's Interior Ministry suggest that 92.1% of this increase was attributable to migrants.

Researchers quoted by the BBC said that "the best chance of reducing violent crime among migrants was to offer more help with integration through language courses, sport, and apprenticeships."

"The lack of women and families among the migrants also meant that those young men were deprived of a 'violence-preventing, civilizing force', the study said."

The Muslim population in Europe will continue to grow in coming decades even if migration to the continent is completely halted, according to a Pew study.

Last year, Muslims accounted for 6% of Germany's population, and in a high-immigration scenario in 2050 they will account for 20% of the population.