Israel faces stormy weekend, with chance of flooding

Israel warns: Storms, winds, may cause flooding and damage.

Chana Roberts ,

Tomer Naumberg, Flash 90

Israel's Interior Ministry on Tuesday warned of extreme weather conditions.

In a letter sent to the leaders of various regional councils, the ministry quoted Israel's Meteorological Service as warning of worsening weather conditions beginning Thursday night and continuing over the weekend.

Both winds and rain are expected to gain strength on Thursday, beginning in the north.

Temperatures are expected to range between 9-14 degrees Celsius (48.2-57.2 degrees Fahrenheit) in Kiryat Shmona, between 6-9 degrees (42.8-48.2 degrees) in Tzfat, and between 11-17 (51.8-64.4) degrees in Tiberias. Nazareth's temperatures will range between 7-12 (44.6-53.6) degrees, Haifa's between 11-16 (51.8-42.8), Tel Aviv's between 12-17 (53.6-62.6), and Jerusalem's between 7-11 (44.6-51.8) degrees. In Israel's south, Ashkelon's temperatures will range between 12-16 (53.6-60.8) degrees, Be'er Sheva's between 9-16 (48.2-60.8), Arad's between 6-13 (42.8-55.4), an Eilat's between 12-20 (53.6-68) degrees.

On Friday, the weather is expected to be rainy and stormy, with thunderstorms, strong winds, and high waves which may cause damage. Israel's center and south may have haze or dust storms. Israel's Hydrological Service expects flooding in the Kinneret's (Sea of Galilee) rivers (for the first time this winter) and strong currents in rivers in central areas.

Flooding may occur in low-lying places near the coast and in eastern Israel. The flooding may reach rivers in the Judean Desert, as well as some of the southern rivers, reaching at least until the Zin Valley. There may be traffic disruptions, including on Routes 25, 40, and 90. Both the wind and waves near the shore may cause damage.

Most of the storm will be over on Saturday, and temperatures are expected to rise slightly.

Civilians are asked to prepare for a storm and take the requisite safety precautions.