Arab-Israeli killed while jumping into Thailand waterfall

Medics declare Arab-Israeli dead after he jumped from Ko Samui waterfall.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Waterfall in Ko Samui
Waterfall in Ko Samui

Raduan Sabihi, 28, was killed on Friday while hiking with his friends in Thailand.

Sabihi, an Arab Israeli, lived in the Arab village of Kafr Misr in northern Israel.

According to reports, Sabihi jumped from several meters up into a waterfall in Ko Samui. However, during the jump, Sabihi received a blow to his head, critically injuring him.

He was found a short time later beside the rocks as the bottom of the waterfall. Medics arriving at the scene were forced to declare his death.

Friends traveling with Sabihi informed his family of the tragedy.