Hitler's Mercedes up for sale at Arizona auction

Nazi leader's prized Mercedes to be auctioned off next month.

Tzvi Lev ,

Hitler in his Mercedes
Hitler in his Mercedes

A Mercedes that once belonged to Adolf Hitler will be auctioned off next month in Scottsdale, Arizona. According to media reports, it could fetch millions of dollars.

According to auction organizers, "the car is considered the most significant vehicle in history that was ever offered for auction". The K770 Groser, which was manufactured specifically for Hitler's victory campaigns, has a 7.7-liter engine.

Hitler used the car during the victory parade of the Nazi army in Germany and on his travels throughout the country, including the famous victory campaign in Berlin after the surrender of France in 1940, and during his visit to Italy to meet with Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

Some criticized the attempt to sell Hitler's car, which they say glorifies the Nazi leader. The auction house denied that the move was intended to glorify Nazi policy in a statement and said that the sale was strictly about the automobile.

"The purpose of this show is certainly not to glorify Hitler and his destructive policies, but to show one of the most amazing cars of the century, built by gifted people and representing the highest level of art," the auction site said.

After Hitler's death, the car was owned by a European art collector and then passed over to a Russian billionaire in 2009. The identity of its current owner is unknown.