Government fast-tracking bill to save right-wing TV station

Coalition advancing legislation that would save Channel 20, lift regulations from other channels.

Tzvi Lev ,

Channel 20
Channel 20
Press Release

Knesset House Committee chairman MK Yoav Kish (Likud) is fast-tracking legislation which would enable Channel 20 to continue operating.The proposal would also enable the Russian language Channel 9 and English language Channel 24 to broadcast content without the consent of Israel's Cable and Satellite Council (CCSB).

Kish has been working in tandem with MK Sharren Haskel (Likud) to lift regulations that prevent Channel 20 from broadcasting. "It is wrong to close Channel 20. It's time that the citizens of Israel had free, high quality, and varied media outlets which will compete for viewers and that is impossible until the heavy regulation is removed," Haskel.

MK Kish said that "Channel 20 and the niche channels are an important part of the diversity of the Israeli media. It cannot be that we will be the ones to destroy it."

"This government, the Communications Minister, and all members of the Likud faction, together with MK Sharren Haskel, understand the tremendous importance of the free market and the dramatic reduction of restrictions and regulation."

The right-leaning Channel 20 (The Heritage Channel) announced last week that they would close due to CCSB regulations which prevented the company from broadcasting news. Channel 20 alleged that the CCSB was selectively fining the company for contract violations and pledged to shutter the company within the next two weeks.