Watch: Arab man steals woman's purse on J'lem street

Footage shows Arab man creeping up behind woman, snatching her purse, and fleeing. Suspect arrested and belongings returned.

Ido ben Porat ,

Footage of the theft
Footage of the theft
Israel Police

An indictment was filed against an Arab man in his twenties, a resident of eastern Jerusalem, who snatched a woman’s purse containing money, personal documents and a cell phone - in broad daylight.

The event took place near the Jerusalem Cinematheque. Footage shows the Arab man creeping up to the woman from behind, snatching the purse from her hand, and fleeing the scene.

Police officers who received the report immediately opened preliminary investigations concurrent with searches to locate the suspect. Investigators used advanced technological means combined with intensive intelligence work, and soon found the Arab man at his home.

The suspect was arrested and the woman's purse and cell phone confiscated. Afterward, the suspect was interrogated and tied to the charges against him. The court extended his remand.

Last night the woman was summoned to the police station, where police returned her belongings. She thanked police, saying, "Thank you, police, God bless you for everything you did and for working to return my wallet and cell phone."