Teacher's strike cancelled

Tel Aviv District Labor Court rules teachers cannot strike tomorrow over sick day rules when issue was only just raised.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

 school bus
school bus

The Tel Aviv District Labor Court accepted the Education Ministry's position that there is no justification for cancelling school for preschoolers, elementary school students, and middle school students tomorrow (Wednesday), and canceled the scheduled teachers' strike.

Teachers had threatened a strike over the fact that 140% of a day's salary is deducted from their pay for every sick day instead of just 100%.

Judge Efrat Lakser, president of the Regional Labor Court, said: "The strike tomorrow would be an organizational step that was taken too hastily, to put it mildly."

"Sick days have been counted this way for 30 years, and the Histadrut proposal to change the method of calculation was raised only four days ago," she said.

The teachers 'union said that "the teachers' union respects the court's decision that intensive negotiations are to be held in the near future under the auspices of the court. We hope to find a solution which will put an end to this serious blow to the community of teachers."

Attorney General Yaffa Ben-David added, "I trust the court, which will know how to compel the government ministries not to drag their feet or violate the rights of the teaching profession."

The parents' committee praised the decision to strike cancel the strike tomorrow.

Paz Cohen, Chairman of the Forum for Parents of the Yishuv said: "The Forum will continue to support the advancement of the status of teachers and the rights of the teacher. The partnership between parents, teachers and students is essential, and in doing so the Forum will continue to safeguard the interests of the children and parents of Israel. "

"We are proud of the legal team and the management of the forum for backing and presenting the parents' position and the disproportionate harm [the strike would have caused]" they added.